Report an Injured, Rare, or Banded Bird

vesper sparrow
Vesper Sparrow near Bald Hill Farm with a federal metal band and colored local bands

Injured or abandoned birds

Contact: Chintimini Wildlife Center, located at 311 NW Lewisburg Ave, Corvallis, OR 97330 and is open for admitting
an injured or orphaned animal every day from 9am – 7pm
(541) 230-1220
Wildlife Hospital: (541) 745-5324

Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife rehabilitation

Reporting dead or dying birds

Contact: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife located at EE Wilson Wildlife Area, 29555 Camp Adair Rd., Monmouth, OR 97361
Call Bird reporting hotline 866-968-2600 (toll free)  for:
          • multiple or clusters of birds are ill or dying
          • single or multiple ducks, geese, swans, or shorebirds
          • unusual or unexplained incidents

Bird with a deformed beak

Contact: USGS Alaska Science Center

Rare, unidentifiable, bird observations for The Chat, or other interesting animals

Contact: Joel Geier at

Finding a banded bird

Contact: USGS Bird Banding Laboratory

OR – email: