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2020 – 2021 ASC Speakers

How Birds and Other Wild Animals Survive Unpredictable Environmental Conditions

Jamie Cornelius
Oregon State University

October 15, 2020 at 7:00 PM

Jamie Cornelius grew up in the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest and is thrilled to have returned to Oregon this past year (even considering 100-year pandemics and fires!). Her training started in the Zoology department at University of Washington and she recently joined the Integrative Biology department at Oregon State University, but she moved around the globe in the interim. Jamie earned her PhD at UC Davis in California before becoming a post-doctoral scholar at the Max Planck Institute of Ornithology in Germany, a Fulbright fellow at St. Petersburg State University in Russia, an instructor at Cal-State Monterey Bay and an assistant professor at Eastern Michigan University.

Throughout all of these moves she has maintained a passion for field research and seems to have become a bit nomadic like the bird she studies… the Red Crossbill. Jamie will take you along for the ride as she explains some of the fascinating adaptations that this little bird uses to cope with one of the most stressful and dangerous conditions that animals face in their environments – that of unpredictable food and harsh winters.

mountain research

mountain research

How to Connect to Video Presentations

Due to the Covid pandemic, we will continue to provide programs via video instead of a physical meeting. Members can view the presentation on their computers or phones at home. It will begin at 7:00 PM and be followed by the ASC Business Meeting when needed. The public is also invited to the free presentation, but we are limited to 100 connections, so please reserve a spot with Mark Baldwin (see below).

ASC Vice President Mark Baldwin will send the access information by email to ASC members on the night before the meeting. Meetings are open to the general public but are space limited. Please contact Mark Baldwin for information.

2020 – 2021 Speaker Schedule

● November 19 – “Hummingbirds and How to Photograph Them,” Bill Origer

● December 17 – Member Slide Show

● January 21- “Update on the Benton County Predator Control Program,” Randy Comeleo

● February 18 – to be determined

● March 18 – “Marine Mammals,” James Sumich

● April 15 – to be determined

● May 20 – “Birding in Kenya, A Photo Safari,” Matt Lee/Sue Powell/Carla Olson/Mark Baldwin from Corvallis

If you have questions or suggestions for future speakers, please contact Mark Baldwin.

OSU Research Jamie Cornelius with Red Crossbill
Ecophysiologist Jamie Cornelius, OSU

Red Crossbill

September 2020 Panama Video Presentation Available

Did you miss the fascinating “Birds, Wildlife and Habitats of Panama” presented by Rosabel Miró on September 17, 2020? Miró is the Executive Director of the Panama Audubon Society. PAS worked long hours with many partners to preserve the wetlands of Panama Bay as an Important Birding Site. Conservation, Education, Monitoring, and other activities are showcased. A photo show features many of the amazing birds and mammals that live in this diverse country.

The one-hour digital recording is now available. Click here for link. Enter Passcode @f6x?mw+ in space provided.

shining honeycreeper
Shining Honeycreeper
Golden-headed Manakin
Golden-Headed Manakin